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Welcome to Pure Reputation reviews. We are an online reputation management company based in London. This is one of our new blogs. Here we will upload our reviews and testimonials from our clients, who are in a range of industries like hotels, car dealerships, estate agents, finance companies, and more. We tailor our service based on what is needed.

We work with clients who don't want to rely on third party websites and want positive content set up and promoted about them or their brand/ book/ app/ products/ company. We also remove negative content including removing bad reviews and help certain invidiuals to be forgotten by Google.

Here is a review from a recent client who is publishing a book:

I approached Pure Reputation after my agent recommended them to me. When I called them up I didn't know what to expect. I didn't have anything negative about me, but nothing that positive either. I also had an old news story about me which I felt needed to be pushed down as I didn't want it to affect my new book launch. James took me through all the options, and took care of everything. I came up with the content and pictures and he put them on the internet. In a month I noticed that when I searched for my new book name in Google, it looked very different. I recognised all of the pages that I saw, and I owned them all. They were my website, my Facebook, my Twitter and so on. I am very happy with what they have done, and that news story is now on page 2. 

Find out more about our services on the vendors reputation page. 

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